Java EE 8 and Angular

A practical guide to building modern single-page applications with Angular and Java EE 8 - for Java developers.

Learn to build Microservices using Java EE

Java EE offers several enhancements that include JAXRS, CDI, JPA, WebSocket, Server Sent Event, JSON support and much more. Use these to build robust Microservices running in Docker containers. Keep learning and using the gained knowledge to build an end to end system, as we progress through the book.

Learn fundamentals of building Angular 5+ application

Building modern UI applications that grow beyond couple of screens can soon become a maintenance challenge - make way for Angular! Learn how to write Angular applications that are secure and integrated with a Microservice architecture - no Angular skills required.

What do I need to know before reading this book? The book is aimed at experienced Java developers who have been using Java EE. No Angular knowledge is required, you just need to know some Java EE stuff for the concepts to make sense. The book does cover Microservices and use of Docker for building the backend application, but you don’t need to be an expert for understanding these topics!.

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