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Java EE 8 Starter

3 minute read

If you haven’t heard already, then let me share the good news. The long awaited wait for Java EE 8 is finally over, as Oracle has officially released Java EE...

Structuring Angular and Java projects

4 minute read

Frontend and Backend setup In the first part, I shared how you would begin setting up an Angular 2+ project (Part 1). Before diving further into Angular, we ...

Angular 2+ with Java EE

4 minute read

Getting started the right way Most of us follow a hello world sample for even our professional projects that we need to get on with. The same non-production ...

Java 8 by example - Part 1

2 minute read

This should be helpful for those who already know java and would like to quickly go over what’s Java 8 all about in short with some examples!

What problem does Strategy Pattern solve

2 minute read

There are plenty of articles covering this pattern, here I will try to cover the same from a perspective which I believe has helped me really understand what...